Recent legislation allows pharmacies to expand into multiple locations and have a single pharmacist serve these locations simultaneously through a pharmacy technician. Via video teleconference, the pharmacist can interact with patients or the pharmacy technician as if they were at the same physical location.

Prescriptions are filled and approved by a Pharmacist using our telepharmacy technology from across the street or hundreds of miles away.

Rural Pharmacies
Sustaining pharmacy services in a rural community can be a challenge. By filling this pharmacy void you can archive prescription fills similar to urban pharmacies right in your hometown. This kind of growth can be attained and vital community services preserved.

Let telepharmacy concepts from Custom Data, Inc. provide you with the tools to expand your pharmacy business into a regional pharmacy network.

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Rural Communities
Sustaining a local pharmacy within your community has become a very real problem. With a shortage of Pharmacists across the nation, rural communities are losing prescription drug services. Patients are forced to travel to larger communities to have their prescriptions filled. In some cases, the nearest pharmacy may be fifty or even one hundred miles away. Telepharmacy technology from Custom Data, Inc. can connect your community with a pharmacist hundreds of miles away while keeping your business in your local community thriving.

Urban Pharmacies
Growing pharmacies and pharmacy organizations require their stores to remain operational even when pharmacists are unavailable or on vacation. Telepharmacy concepts from Custom Data, Inc. can set up a pharmacy network within your organization to allow any pharmacist to fill-in via teleconference from any other pharmacy in your organization.

These solutions allow you to manage your organization more effectively, thus improving your customer relations as well as your bottom line. Telepharmacy technologies will help you maintain the flexibility a demanding lifestyle may require.




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