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CDI is offering this great Web Site Promotion Service, which enables you to efficiently and effectively register your web site on 1550 of the worlds most powerful search engines.  Promotional Engines, also called Search Engines, Internet Directories, Indices and Lists, are vast databases that compile information about the many web sites on the Internet.  These serve as directories for those seeking information on the World Wide Web.  Some of the engines such as Yahoo, Alta Vista, WebCrawler and Infoseek are quite well known.  But there are also literally thousands of lesser-known engines that are extremely useful on which your site also should be registered.   Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.

The following fields will provide us with the necessary data to compile proprietary information about your Web Site.  Please fill out all the requested Keywords and Key Phrases, and Descriptions, etc. relating to your site.

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Please enter the official title of your site. You should be aware that the chance of appearing near or at the top of the list is sometimes greater with Site Titles in the lower alphabet.
: "Custom Data, Inc. - where dreams are made." rather than "Welcome to CDI"
Please include a description of your site that is 25 words or less.
Example: "Custom Data, Inc. offers top quality web site design and Multimedia productions."
The idea of a keyword is that a person searching on the net with the purpose of obtaining additional information about your site, would likely use one or more of these words in their search. Please separate each keyword (single words only) by a comma and a space.

Please type the 5 most important words first. (These 5 will be used for Yahoo!
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Key Phrases are brief combinations of two or more Keywords. This will be very helpful to people searching the web, because they will often enter pertinent phrases as they try to locate web sites that are of particular interest to them. Keyphrases should have an ideal length of three words, separated by a comma and a space.
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